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In My Feelings, Music Monday

Music Monday
Someone (my BFF actually – love her!) commented “Feelings much?” when I Instagrammed a screenshot of what I was listening to—Ed Sheeran’s album. Well, hell…even *I* can’t be hard all the time, right? But I HAVE to say this: this guy’s album has carried me through this manuscript. It was there w/ me during several writer’s blocks and even now, as I write a particular scene that has me

(Damn you, Oprah! :: wails :: ) And let me tell you, Dear Ol’ Ed ain’t helping! But nonetheless, I enjoy the ease of his voice while I’m creating a voice of my own in my writing. Here, have a listen. Enjoy. You can thank me later. 🙂




OMGenre!, Think Thursday

Think Thursday_blog
Something has been plaguing me, ever since I began my MS months ago. Why must selecting an accurate (or as close to accurate as one can get) genre for my MS be so damn difficult?! In general, I am what you would call a contemporary fiction writer. My works often consist of mortal humans with real-life issues in real time with romantic elements. But for this MS, my writing decided not to follow the path given, taking an alternate route. In Like Yesterday, there are real people with real issues, but there’s also a time-travel component (sci-fi) and heavy romance; the MS, as a whole, is neither genre. I would lean more towards Romance, but that genre has specific rules and guidelines that my MS just doesn’t meet. Science Fiction? Not even close. I just got tired of trying to narrow down a specific genre. So…I decided…Commercial Fiction is what it will be since Like Yesterday may appeal to readers across other genres. At this point, I could call it Bullshit Fiction and be happy.

What do you do when hitting that genre road block while writing? What if your MS won’t fit neatly into just one genre? Choose one or create your own?



Make that Two, Wish Wednesday

Wish Wednesday_blog
Now, how many wishes do I get today? Oh, what the hell. I think I’ll be free and post two wishes. Let’s live a little.

Need I say more, people?! I was doing mighty fine in the workplace this morning, being a productive, model employee…until…I got invited to lunch.

Then…I went…

…where the servers were looking at me like…


So, as you can imagine, I’m a tad sleepy at this moment.

On to wish number 2.

Would it be too much to ask a science geek (doesn’t matter whom) to create an invention that would allow my thoughts to be instantly transferred from the brain into writing software, without any effort on my part? Regularly, thoughts rattle my brain, eager to be released into MS Word. But alas, as soon as I begin typing, my genius ideas flow out something like…“And he walked from his room to the bathroom and discovered his roommate –”. And that’s it! What kind of idea is that?! Oh, the tricks one’s mind will play. What took minutes to generate a plot internally takes me three days to translate onto a computer screen and with substance! It’s the most annoying thing, but I’ve learned that it’s something that makes me a better writer. Can you imagine publishing the first thing that flows out of your head onto paper? Garbage. Humiliation. Tragic. Fail. End of your career. So, I live with the frustration and (in my Tim Gunn voice) make it work! BUT…it sure would be nice for some brainiac to invent that for me. I will be eternally grateful. 🙂 I’d might even dedicate my bestseller to you in 2054.



Soca Time, Music Monday

Music Monday

Yeah, yeah, yeah…I know. I missed Music Monday.

Look, in my defense, I (well, the fam) have been making some major decisions, and it’s sucking up most of my time. IOW, I haven’t gotten any writing done in a week! That’s just unacceptable, like…it should be a crime and I need to serve time in literary prison where books don’t exist. I need to jump back onto the creative train because any more slacking means I’ll end up not writing one word in my MS for months…and we cannot have that, now, can we?

So, to set myself up for Titillate Tuesday, here’s a little Soca for ya (those who knew me well some moons ago KNOW how much I love Soca; sadly, here in NC, the exposure is quite slim).

(Google this band; the leader is quite cute. ;-))

BUT…on my way home, I found myself singing this in my head and wining in my driver’s seat…

Now…for Titillate Tuesday…



Leeia Henderson, Follower of the Week

(Sorry that I missed my posting yesterday. I was still getting over that asswipe of a migraine. But I’m happy to report…IT’S GONE!!)

Now that I’m in such a spirited mood (thanks, Bro Franklin!), let me introduce my second follower of the week, Leeia Henderson.

(Disclaimer: Names are chosen at complete random and depends on whether I was drinking the night before or not. ;-))



Thank you, Leeia, for your support…and congratulations!



Music Monday

Music Monday

Maaaan…today was a doozy…and not just because it’s Monday. (Well, that too.) I swear, there has got to be a nymph out there personally delivering messages to everyone I know to nag me on Mondays. But of course, I’m Von, and that means…I ignore 85% of them and make the remaining 15% wait. 😉

In between the nagging and working, I’ve been spending some quality time with my thoughts while listening to some Ellie Goulding.

The raspiness of her voice is so raw yet authentic…and I love it! No writing got done today, but just listening to her kept my mind motivated into conceiving new ideas for my current MS. I decided to edit/scrap/BURN 🙂 an entire chapter. The MS flowed seamlessly once I removed the chapter. It delved into a part of Carmen’s life that adds no support to her or any events I plan to include. It was just fluff about people in her life who aren’t primary. When I highlighted the 13 pages of text and hit CTRL + X, pasting it into a blank file, I just knew that my word count was going to feel the pain of losing hundreds of words. But once I read from the end of Chapter 1 and into the first line of Chapter 3 (now Chapter 2), I smiled. It made sense. It didn’t slow down. I wanted to keep reading.

Sometimes, to be a writer means to sacrifice, whether it’s your time or your beloved written words. Don’t be afraid to lose anything that’s weighing you or your MS down. I needed a clear mind to see that and a little bit of music to find the nerve to do it. “Where good words were written once, greater words will replace them later” is what I told myself, and now, I’m sharing that with you. 🙂 If you can’t find the nerve to slash, then let music be your hype man and let’s get it!



Patrick Latter, Follower of the Week


First, let me welcome all of my new followers this week. Knowing that my written words are reaching throughout the country and across the globe not only makes my coffee a little sweeter in the mornings but it reminds me that someone enjoys reading my foolery just as much as I do.Smiley

And to honor one of those followers, let me introduce my first “Follower of the Week”…


Patrick is one talented and stunning photographer. I have a passion (more like obsession) with photography and its ability to capture beauty in a still of a moment to last a lifetime. If you haven’t yet, do check out his work at http://www.hikingphoto.com. You know nothing until you can appreciate how photography captures an instant and conveys its emotions without a single word or sound attached. Now THAT is talent; that is art.

Thank you, Patrick, for following for the past year. I hope I never disappoint!