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First Three Chapters Available

Let me be the first to announce (well, who else is going to announce it?) that I have completed the manuscript for my second novel, We’re Family…Right?. (Yes, you can cheer, do cartwheels, and go streaking while painting the town red. Okay, maybe not so much the last one.) It has been a long journey but gratifying task to complete the novel with life’s interruptions and challenges tripping me up along the way. I just picked myself up and kept racing to the finish line, without jeopardizing my novel’s quality of course.

Because I love all of my readers almost more than I love chocolate (sorry, y’all—you just can’t trump the orgasmic flavor and effects of chocolate 😉 ), I have made the first three chapters available online for your reading pleasure and review. (Link is provided at the bottom of this post.) Tell me what you like, but feel utterly free to tell me what you don’t like. I do write what it’s in my heart and in the direction my fingers type, but if I don’t write what interests my readers, then I need to stick to writing in my depressing journal. Since that, of course, is not what I want, your reviews [positive, constructive, critical, praised] WILL be read and taken into account when preparing my manuscript for submission.

For those who don’t enjoy it, no worries; you only had to endure three lousy chapters. For those who do, pass the word along. There are 18 more chapters available, and by popular demand only, they will be available soon enough.

First Three Chapters of We’re Family…Right?
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