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It’s Raining Shoes, Wish Wednesday

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(Y’all know that I sang this post title to the tune of “It’s Raining Men”, right?)

So, I’m a shoe addict. My husband encourages my addiction as he has a shoe fetish. A match made in heaven. red-heart-1369068387yQW

With this disrespectful, bitter weather now here, I have been reminded that winter is nearing. And you know what that means?? Boot shopping!


I recently bought these babies (that I have YET to wear).


Now, to my wish of the week – I NEED these in my life!


When my hands, ears, and feet are warm, *I* am warm. And no other boot gets the job done like Uggs, don’t you agree?

I think I’d spend this weekend giving back and donating the shoes I don’t currently wear. As much as I love shoes, it’s amazing how fast time flies, shoes go out of season and I lose the desire to wear them. So, why let them sit in my closet and collect dust when there is some woman who could use them more?

Tis the season for giving.




Make that Two, Wish Wednesday

Wish Wednesday_blog
Now, how many wishes do I get today? Oh, what the hell. I think I’ll be free and post two wishes. Let’s live a little.

Need I say more, people?! I was doing mighty fine in the workplace this morning, being a productive, model employee…until…I got invited to lunch.

Then…I went…

…where the servers were looking at me like…


So, as you can imagine, I’m a tad sleepy at this moment.

On to wish number 2.

Would it be too much to ask a science geek (doesn’t matter whom) to create an invention that would allow my thoughts to be instantly transferred from the brain into writing software, without any effort on my part? Regularly, thoughts rattle my brain, eager to be released into MS Word. But alas, as soon as I begin typing, my genius ideas flow out something like…“And he walked from his room to the bathroom and discovered his roommate –”. And that’s it! What kind of idea is that?! Oh, the tricks one’s mind will play. What took minutes to generate a plot internally takes me three days to translate onto a computer screen and with substance! It’s the most annoying thing, but I’ve learned that it’s something that makes me a better writer. Can you imagine publishing the first thing that flows out of your head onto paper? Garbage. Humiliation. Tragic. Fail. End of your career. So, I live with the frustration and (in my Tim Gunn voice) make it work! BUT…it sure would be nice for some brainiac to invent that for me. I will be eternally grateful. 🙂 I’d might even dedicate my bestseller to you in 2054.



Just One Blow, Wish Wednesday

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Close your eyes. Now…

My one wish at this very moment is to be surprised with an airline ticket to a remote location where I will be within steps of the ocean. (Can you tell how much I love the beach?lol) I would leave with just an overnight bag and my MacBook in tow. The only requirement of me would be to write. No questions, no interruptions. Just me with my thoughts, ideas, peace, and motivation to write. Two days of that, and I think that I can be a very happy woman…for about 2 months. After that, I’m back to being my normal PITA.

So…anyone wants to gift me my wish? I promise I won’t even complain or be ungrateful. 🙂



Wish Wednesday

Wish Wednesday_blog

I should’ve titled this day “Wake Me Up Wednesday”. Literally, you should’ve seen me in my office just an hour ago.

Don’t want me tired, then don’t work me so hard. Sound like an easy solution, right? But anyhoo…

Wishes…oh, that’s right.


But today, maybe I’ll keep it writing-related for right now and more realistic.

I wish – I wish I had the time to write, edit, and spit polish a manuscript in less than 6 months. When it’s taking me a year to write just one book and then adding more months of letting it “cure” for more edits later, I mean really?  I could be on book 3 by then with a landscaping business on the side.lol I am not a patient person, and I’m often tempted just to write BS so that I can finally say “I’m finished”. But what keeps me pushing through the frustration is knowing that giving up or flopping my MS will not represent my true ability as a writer. I would have then disappointed myself and risked countless rejections from agents, only to do what I should have done the first time—produce my best work. Unfortunately, my “best” is taking longer due to lack of time. If only I had time, anything is possible.

That’s my one wish for this week. Next week, I’ll probably wish for a pet gerbil that barks.