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It’s Raining Shoes, Wish Wednesday

Wish Wednesday_blog

(Y’all know that I sang this post title to the tune of “It’s Raining Men”, right?)

So, I’m a shoe addict. My husband encourages my addiction as he has a shoe fetish. A match made in heaven. red-heart-1369068387yQW

With this disrespectful, bitter weather now here, I have been reminded that winter is nearing. And you know what that means?? Boot shopping!


I recently bought these babies (that I have YET to wear).


Now, to my wish of the week – I NEED these in my life!


When my hands, ears, and feet are warm, *I* am warm. And no other boot gets the job done like Uggs, don’t you agree?

I think I’d spend this weekend giving back and donating the shoes I don’t currently wear. As much as I love shoes, it’s amazing how fast time flies, shoes go out of season and I lose the desire to wear them. So, why let them sit in my closet and collect dust when there is some woman who could use them more?

Tis the season for giving.