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NaNo—What in THE hell was I thinking?!

In case some of you haven’t noticed, look over there to the right. Yeah, where it says Na No Wri Mo in those little colorful circles, and underneath it you’ll see a calendar with how many words I have written so far in November.

Just totally unacceptable and darn right shameful. (Quick reminder: The goal of NaNo is to write 50,000 words by Nov. 30. Um…yeah…it’s Nov. 26.) I had high hopes and determination [for like the first 24 hours] b/c I know that I am a MAJOR…like the chief…procrastinator. I was hoping that participating in something like NaNo would force me to crank my butt into gear. But nope…even my butt is stubborn.

Most of my procrastination stems from lack of motivation. Yeah, yeah…I know…

Well…damn that! No amount of pep talking is going to recharge my energy levels. I’m also too involved in the querying process of We’re Family…Right?. It was only a few months ago when I slapped the “Finished” seal on it. How others just jump right into writing another book is nothing short of miraculous and commendable.

At first, I thought that perhaps I had no motivation b/c I didn’t particularly like what I was writing. But then…more ideas and a more scandalous plot just hit me, and I continued typing away. That, however, didn’t last long. 😦  I once again became engulfed in my 9 to 5 workload, and the typing stopped. I still wholeheartedly believe in my new story, but right now, my creative mind needs to rest. Once enough agents tell my current novel in submission to Go straight to hell; do not pass Go; do not collect $200, then I’ll happily shelve it and move on to nurture my latest baby.

So yeah…ignore that calendar over there. It should depress me, but it doesn’t. It’s just a reminder that it’s okay to be exhausted; it’s okay to take a break. And the great news is…I actually started a new work-in-progress! :: drops it low :: :: break dances :: :: springs to my knees :: :: pirouettes :: :: death drops ::

Oh…I also have another author interview coming soon. So, be on the lookout for that! 🙂




Wouldn’t it be nice to take a few moments out of my not-so-but-more-times-than-not busy life to…

…my new followers and to thank all of you for supporting me and for at least tolerating my rants and nonsense. I tell ya…having you guys backing me makes me feel so…

Oh…ok…not quite, huh? Ok…then how about…

Yeah!! There we go! Nothing like having a support system to encourage and to give me a swift kick in the ass to tell me to get on the ball.

So, tomorrow is the start of NaNoWriMo, and I need you guys more than ever to keep me on my game. Hmkay?!?! I’m not going to reveal too much about the new novel right now, but after having an epiphany to slap me during rush hour traffic yesterday, I’m stoked! So…

Don’t worry; I won’t let your literary thirsts linger too long. 🙂 I’ll pop in a few times a week to update you guys on how the writing is going, if I’m close to meeting that 50,000-word count goal, and even share a few snippets from the novel. I must warn you that the writing will be as raw as sand paper on bare ass, but keep in mind…no editors’ pick or bestseller you read is ever a writer’s first draft. The “real” writing comes in edit #2,873…and that’s before it even makes it to an editor’s desk. :: sigh :: Stay strong for me, my friends. 🙂


NaNoWriMo—Here I Come

I am ridiculously excited for this! I hate that I didn’t know about NaNo until about a month ago when I joined the Heaven-sent Agent Query Connect. (What an insightful group of writers they are!) I probably would’ve had an additional manuscript under my belt by now. Since I am currently working on a short story, which will set the stage for book #3, NaNo is a finger snap and sashay away from guaranteeing that I won’t take another two years just writing a novel. I’m an unashamed procrastinator, even when I have goals set. So, instead of waiting until something undesirable happens in my life [again] to complete a manuscript, I’m going to use NaNo (and it’s wonderful group of buddies) for encouragement and to keep that fire lit under my ass.

Now, some of you are probably going…

…so let me explain. For those of you (especially authors) who don’t know about NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), it is a month-long event that challenges you to write a 50,000-word novel starting on November 1 and ending at 11:59:59 p.m. on November 30. The novel has to be complete (as in finished but not necessarily polished and ready for submission). That works out to be about 1,667 words per day or skipping a day and writing 3,334 words the next or however you wish to divide your writing/time. The goal isn’t to be perfect but just simply to finish.

Sometimes, we need that extra push or incentive to reach our goals. I can’t be the only procrastinator out there…sitting at a computer all day browsing the web for shoes, celebrity gossip, and get-rich-quick schemes or stalking Twitter timelines and Facebook walls (well…maybe not ALL of those things…hehe). So, fellow writers, if you have a book idea brewing and free time in November, join the rest of us. You certainly won’t be lonely and will have plenty of support. For our readers, just sit back and wait until December 1; you will have plenty of books to add to your shelves next year.