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In My Feelings, Music Monday

Music Monday
Someone (my BFF actually – love her!) commented “Feelings much?” when I Instagrammed a screenshot of what I was listening to—Ed Sheeran’s album. Well, hell…even *I* can’t be hard all the time, right? But I HAVE to say this: this guy’s album has carried me through this manuscript. It was there w/ me during several writer’s blocks and even now, as I write a particular scene that has me

(Damn you, Oprah! :: wails :: ) And let me tell you, Dear Ol’ Ed ain’t helping! But nonetheless, I enjoy the ease of his voice while I’m creating a voice of my own in my writing. Here, have a listen. Enjoy. You can thank me later. 🙂




Sailing, Music Monday

Music Monday


In case you all haven’t noticed, take a looksy at my progress meter to the right. That’s right; over 4,000 words written within the past week!

While writing last week, I set this song to repeat, and it literally helped me sail through writing my MS. The beat is soothing, and motivation rang in the title.

(The video itself is a bit strange. Good thing I relied on strictly the audio.)



Change of Flavor, Music Monday

Music Monday

Today, I figured I would spare you all the agony of enduring more of my eclectic taste in music and share with you a post by another blogger who so kindly dedicated an instrumental to my MS.


So, have a listen and be open to something…a little different.

(p.s. I’m tired today, y’all. Can’t you tell?)



Caught in the Act, Music Monday

Music Monday

Okay, so I JUST had this moment in my office! (For those who haven’t seen this commercial, watch it to the very end. HILARITY!) I was so embarrassed that I couldn’t stop laughing. Good thing I work with folks with a grand sense of humor.

Today is Monday, and I needed a quick pick-me-up, so I was listening to this song when I had ^ that moment.

This song will accompany me on my ride home for work to put me in a very happy mood. (If you so happen to pass by me or get stuck next to me in traffic and see me doing this…

…just pretend you don’t see me.)

I hope to get some writing done tonight, but if not, dah well. Tomorrow is Tuesday and will be another (even better) day! 🙂



Soca Time, Music Monday

Music Monday

Yeah, yeah, yeah…I know. I missed Music Monday.

Look, in my defense, I (well, the fam) have been making some major decisions, and it’s sucking up most of my time. IOW, I haven’t gotten any writing done in a week! That’s just unacceptable, like…it should be a crime and I need to serve time in literary prison where books don’t exist. I need to jump back onto the creative train because any more slacking means I’ll end up not writing one word in my MS for months…and we cannot have that, now, can we?

So, to set myself up for Titillate Tuesday, here’s a little Soca for ya (those who knew me well some moons ago KNOW how much I love Soca; sadly, here in NC, the exposure is quite slim).

(Google this band; the leader is quite cute. ;-))

BUT…on my way home, I found myself singing this in my head and wining in my driver’s seat…

Now…for Titillate Tuesday…



Music Monday

Music Monday

Maaaan…today was a doozy…and not just because it’s Monday. (Well, that too.) I swear, there has got to be a nymph out there personally delivering messages to everyone I know to nag me on Mondays. But of course, I’m Von, and that means…I ignore 85% of them and make the remaining 15% wait. 😉

In between the nagging and working, I’ve been spending some quality time with my thoughts while listening to some Ellie Goulding.

The raspiness of her voice is so raw yet authentic…and I love it! No writing got done today, but just listening to her kept my mind motivated into conceiving new ideas for my current MS. I decided to edit/scrap/BURN 🙂 an entire chapter. The MS flowed seamlessly once I removed the chapter. It delved into a part of Carmen’s life that adds no support to her or any events I plan to include. It was just fluff about people in her life who aren’t primary. When I highlighted the 13 pages of text and hit CTRL + X, pasting it into a blank file, I just knew that my word count was going to feel the pain of losing hundreds of words. But once I read from the end of Chapter 1 and into the first line of Chapter 3 (now Chapter 2), I smiled. It made sense. It didn’t slow down. I wanted to keep reading.

Sometimes, to be a writer means to sacrifice, whether it’s your time or your beloved written words. Don’t be afraid to lose anything that’s weighing you or your MS down. I needed a clear mind to see that and a little bit of music to find the nerve to do it. “Where good words were written once, greater words will replace them later” is what I told myself, and now, I’m sharing that with you. 🙂 If you can’t find the nerve to slash, then let music be your hype man and let’s get it!



Music Monday

Music Monday


As promised, Mondays will be the day that I share what song (or music genre) I listen to when writing a particular scene or scene theme.

I haven’t written a word in my manuscript today. After a tiresome weekend and a hellish day at work…

 …needless to say, it’s only my love for you all that I’m even attempting to write this post.lol

The most difficult (but enjoyable) scenes for me to write are love scenes (no surprise there). It’s hard because sometimes, I feel like love just shitted on my day and I’m in no mood to write about two people having all of this passion and chemistry that probably will never exist in the real world. (I mean, come on, ladies. We all can’t have Johnny D. or Idris E. pouring out their love for us on a bed of feathers, now, can we?) So, to put me in the mood and convince me that anything I write is possible, I need something with an up tempo beat to excite me, to tingle my fingertips. Yeah, the lyrics can help, but largely, it has to be the beat. The faster it plays, the faster I think and the faster I type.

But…there aren’t many romantic-ish dance songs out there. So then…I turn to the rolodex of my iTunes music library and find something slow tempo but different, something to keep my creative juices flowing.

(This song is just stunning! If you don’t’ know about those 2 diverse yet incredible talents, educate yourself!)

R&B just doesn’t cut it for me anymore. I’ve listened to it so much in my youth that now, even hearing an “Ooooh baby” will make me either cry in agony or take a letter opener to my keyboard. We want me to stay imaginative yet sane, right?

What both types of songs have in common is that they incite emotions, whether hard, distressed, lustful, angry, or resentful. The emotions are what I need to create my characters and essentially create a bond between two or more of them. Without that, there is no authenticity, and my writing will fail. Music is what helps me when I find myself blocked by my own circumstances and worry. It drags me from the dungeon into a space of illumination and free thinking. Music gives my stories life. 🙂