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Happy New Year

Wow, that was one hell of a break! I didn’t expect to take so much time off, but apparently, my life knew otherwise. In case you haven’t noticed (ahem…*whispers* look at the WIP meter), my fingers and creative mind have been busy. I can’t believe that I’m over halfway to meeting my 80k goal. :: cues music :: It started off with me just slipping to the side to get a week worth of writing done, but then…I couldn’t stop. It’s still going strong, and I’ve grown even more excited about this project. So, hopefully you guys haven’t deserted me. Eh…it was the holidays, so I’m sure you all have been swamped as well.

While on break, I received a full request…for We’re Family…Right?…to a query sent…almost A YEAR AGO! I was so taken aback that I didn’t know if I should send the MS immediately, do some editing and then send it, or reject her request since that project has been shelved for a while (and good riddance since I’ve learned SOOO much from writing Like Yesterday that WFR needs some major edits). I understand that agents are busy people, like the elves at North Pole on Christmas Eve type busy, but a year later seemed so bizarre. However, she did request and thanked me for being patient. She could be insanely slow at checking her email, lost internet connection for the year, been consumed in the careers of her current clients, or my query could’ve been filed in the “maybe” pile until she had time to reconsider. Who knows, but I still appreciated the request, especially since she’s an agent known to sell my type of book to large publishers.

This literary industry is so unpredictable but often times offers the best surprises. Albeit a year later, that email was just the pick-me-up I needed. Merry Christmas to me! 🙂




Shannon Thompson, Follower of the Week



Shannon is a 22-year old author, poet, and blogger. So, take some time out of your not-so-busy Friday (nobody really works on a Friday) and see what she has to say over on her blog, especially her guest blog posts written by talented authors.

Thanks, Shannon, for the follow!

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone, and stay out of trouble. I’ll be breaking out of this joint [work] in less than 3 hours!



Andrew Toy, Follower of the Week


Trust me. You have got to follow this guy’s blog. He is a published author and an editor, but the main focus of his blog isn’t even on the world of writing but on the process of adopting their (he and his wife) first child, whom they hope to name “James” one day. It’s filled with inspiration, optimism, and anticipation. I couldn’t be more grateful that Andrew and his wife decided to share a part of their lives with the world and remind us that we are all blessed in some way. 🙂 Thank you, Andrew and Sarabeth!



New Topics Underway


:: singing :: Wherrrrrrre have you beeeeen…all my li-i-i-i-fe?

Yes, yes, yes. I have been MIA for quite some months. But see…what had happened was…{insert some fantastical, convoluted story that even elves and unicorns wouldn’t believe}. Truly, I have been so wrapped up into work and family that I haven’t taken the time to invest in one of my other favorite loves—writing.

I need to keep this blog going, and not just with author interviews. Of course I love them more than I love cake…

(For those who don’t know, Rasputia is a character you’d never want to meet in real life.)

The interviews allow me to pay it forward and bring awareness to hidden talents within the writing community. Even if I don’t write another thing on this blog about myself, just giving back to another author gives this blog purpose.

However, this blog was created for me after all, so I’m going to give my followers and those on the fence (just go ahead and press the button; I don’t bite…all the time :)) more of that while still offering support to my fellow writers.

Now…on to the meat of this post. I would like to introduce…five consecutive days weekly of blog topics! :: does the hustle dance :: If you look to the right at the top of this page, you’ll see that I already have them mapped out, starting next Monday. I know, some of you are like…

…but really, let me explain.

No description needed, I don’t think. In other words, there will be no blog posts on this day. Sad? Aw, don’t be. I’ll have enough material for you during the week to make up for it. Happy? Screw you. Don’t care? Eh, many won’t. You’ll be in honest company. BUT…I love you regardless. 🙂

No, I don’t and can’t sing, and I don’t write lyrics. My talent lies strictly with writing fiction only. This is where I will share a song that I listen to when writing certain themes or scenes and how the song motivates me to keep writing. (Get ready for some weirdoisms.)

Oh, pull your fingers out of the gutter and back onto the keyboard. (Just nasty minds in you people. I kinda like it.hehe) Instead of teasing your freaky bones, I’ll be teasing your curiosities with snippets of my works (past, present, and future).

I figured you all would need another way to learn more about me. So, I’ll share some of the things I wish for most, whether it’s work, publishing, family, or personal. It would be great to learn those things about you as well. Feel free to post your wishes as well in the comments. I don’t care if you wish to land an agent, travel to hell for the day, or be Peter Pan. I share, you share.  🙂

This will just serve as a day when I share my most random thoughts. Writers usually have to develop several (not just 2) personalities to write the most creative stories. You won’t believe the craziness we conjure up. (One day, I created a wrestler character who pirouettes while emptying trash bins for the Town of Bulls.)

What better way to show appreciation to my followers than to recognize them? Every Friday, I will select a follower at random and post their name titanic style with starbursts, flashing signs, dollar bills and roaring tigers. (Okay, maybe just the starbursts and flashing signs.) Who knows, that follower may have a blog, own an online store, write scripts for a cable network show, or just need a few people to say “hi” to him/her.

(See “Silent Sunday”. Yes, I really mean it.)

It is my plan to switch, replace, or reorder these every few months or quarter to give some variety, but mostly because I’m pretty sure I’ll run out of shit to say about the same topic every week. I’m looking forward to a fresh start w/ this baby!


Interview with Author G.P.A. (Greatest Poet Alive)

Yes, you read the header right. His name is G.P.A., and his poetry earns a 4.0 for its spice and titillative flow. He has several books on the market, but his most recent publication, Revenge of the Orgasm, is the star of the interview and available in paperback and Kindle edition.


Check out my interview with G.P.A. as he discusses Revenge of the Orgasm and his poetic works, one of which he refers to as “raw” (hubba hubba 🙂 ).


Tell us more about you. Where are you from? When did you first get that desire—the calling—to write?

My name is G.P.A. (Greatest Poet Alive), the Phenomenal Poetic Unsub, and I hail from the South Side of Chicago. My desire to write came when God spoke to me telling me to write and saying I would be the greatest.

Revenge of the Orgasm—the title itself could make a reader eager to hit the “Buy” button. What inspired you to write about such a stimulating (pun intended) topic?

I wrote Revenge of the Orgasm because it is a detailed account of my adventures with beautiful women. Besides, the world, literary and otherwise, needed a “tell all” book that was spicy but also had a gentlemanly touch to it. (No names are disclosed of the women I had these adventures with.)

Revenge of the Orgasm is part of The Lust Series. Is this the first in that series? What other tantalizing topics do you plan to discuss in future book in the series?

Revenge of the Orgasm is the third book in the series right after The Book of 24 Orgasms and The Land of Multiples. The Orgasm Strikes Back is the next in the series, and it will be more intense than ROTO with a couple of short stories.

Can you give the readers a little tease of what they may find in the book? What about Revenge of the Orgasm should make them want to read it? 

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C0cifCTA-9g  Here you go. Everyone has had Revenge of the Orgasm. Whether it be some event with the person they are with or with or something from the past, and it can be intimate or sexual, but the memory pops up in the mind. And you cannot shake it.

Your name—Greatest Poet Alive—it may seem self-explanatory, but most pseudonyms are rarely just that. So, tell us. Is there a deeper story behind the name?

Greatest Poet Alive came to me years ago when I was performing at a wedding and left what I had written down, but I performed off the top of my head. I remember saying that I might be the Greatest Poet Alive. After that on my first book, I meant to place my government name along with the moniker, and the company left my real name off. It has been with me ever since.

I see that you’ve written four books thus far. Can you tell us a little about the other three?

The Confessional Heart of a Man is my first book that I wrote in thirty days in 2007. It is gritty, raw, and in your face. I was able to rid some baggage from me in that one. The Book of 24 Orgasms was a surprise hit because one, I do not enjoy erotic Poetry plus this was my first time writing that way, and two, it is a chapbook. But boy, did it spawn some memorable poems and great sales!! It was a sensual escapade. Next, what I believe is my ambitious book is The Mind of a Poetic Unsub. I say that because I put a lot of muscle and personal situations in into the book right when things were not going as well as I would’ve liked. There are many styles of poems there, as well as themes.

If you weren’t a writer, what could you picture yourself doing instead?

If were not a writer, I’d be teaching or coaching.

Are you working on any new projects that you would like to share with readers?

I am currently promoting Seductions Lips, a book by my partner, Kottyn Campbell, and at the end of the year, I will release GPApocalypse Forever, my second cd.

For those who may have questions or just want to follow your successes and progress, how can you be contacted?

The easiest place to join me is on Facebook at G.P.A. (Greatest Poet Alive). I post daily there.

Do you have any final words for your dedicated fans and prospective readers? Anything I may have missed that you feel the reading world should know about Greatest Poet Alive (GPA), the author?

Thank you Yvonne for interviewing me. It has been an honor. Let me leave everyone with this. Aspire to perfection. Clothed in excellence. Burdened with greatness. Mediocrity is a disease that does not exist in my reality. Fear only God. And nothing or no one can stop me. My name is G.P.A. #teamGPA


You’re quite welcome, G.P.A. I’m sure that my readers will be as intrigued as I am about your poetry and written works. Congratulations on your continued success, and I look forward to hearing about the release of The Orgasm Strikes Back (catchy!).


Interview with Author W. Edward Woodward III

Please join me in welcoming first-time author W. Edward Woodward III to the TPTW lounge. His debut novel is entitled Jesse James and the Dragon’s Egg and is available today in both Kindle and Nook formats.

So, Edward…tell us more about you. Where are you from?

I was born and raised on a farm in Havana Florida. I currently live with my wife and family in Tallahassee Florida.

When did you first get that desire—the calling—to write?

I’ve always had a creative bent. I used to think that I wanted to be a visual artist. I drew and painted (oils and some water color) extensively when I was a kid and wanted for the longest time to be a comic book artist or an animator. But, in spite of what I was told, I knew that I just did not have it in me. Oh, I could put some lines on paper and have them roughly equate to something you’d recognized, I did some decent portraits, some passable landscapes, and got a knack for figure work, but the fire was just not there. The desire to create however, was insistent. I tired some voice work for a couple of podcasts and did pretty well with that, I have a decent ear for accents and silly voices, but, again, it just wasn’t quite it for me. Intensely fun, but just not right. So, one day, I had this crazy idea…

Very…resourceful…of you to use scrap paper and even grocery bags to write Jesse James and the Dragon’s Egg.

This was as much an act of self-preservation as anything else. There’s only so much mall time a man can stand. This particular trip I had forgotten my pad and I was desperate.

Where did you get the idea for the story?

I always have ideas. All the time. This particular idea came from one of the many comic book ideas that I had as a kid, an idea that stemmed from a childhood wish to find a baby dragon somewhere on the farm. I would raise her and she would protect me. My idea for the comic was… well, pretty much just that, but it’s one of a few ideas that really stuck with me through the years. When I first took it up again a couple of years ago it was for a writing challenge at the Digital Webbing forums. From that short story I was going to script a comic book (I say this is the first writing I’ve ever done but that’s not entirely true, some years before this I had scripted a super hero property with the intention of selling it to Mailbu Comics). In the process of working up a bible for the comic a story was born.

Do you still have the original papers, perhaps in frames somewhere? ( :: snickers :: )

LOL! No. I have them but they are in a hundred different places around the house. I am the most disorganized person you’ve ever met and it is a true miracle that this thing ever got done.

(Cringe! I have a mild form of OCD, so please excuse me.lol)

I see that Jesse James and the Dragon’s Egg is available in e-format [Kindle and Nook]. Do you have plans to make it available in paperback?

Simple answer: Yes. By or before the end of March.

When you’re not writing such fabulous young adult fiction, how do you typically spend your days?

Working. I am a grunt and I work all week and most weekends. Even at that I don’t work nearly as much as I used to. That’s part of what lead to the novel. I finally found a job where I could support myself and not have to work 85 hours a week. 85 down to 45 to 50 hours a week opened up a ton of free time, energy and brain cells.

(I cap my work week at 40 hours, but yes…working writers…unite! :))

What is your favorite genre to read? Would you consider writing in that genre one day, if it’s different than the genre you currently write?

I’ll read anything as long as it catches my attention. I guess if I have a favorite genre it’s pulp action/adventure as my biggest influence is Doc Savage. Doc Savage, for those that don’t know, was a series of pulp novels published in the ’30s and ’40s. Doc was created by Henry Ralston and John Nanovic but the true brilliance of this super-scientist/ millionaire-adventurer came from “Kenneth Robeson”. Robeson was a pen name under which some of the greatest writers in science fiction wrote for Doc Savage. Lester Dent and Philip Jose Farmer to name two. These were simple, amazing science fiction adventure stories that affect me to this day. I’m a huge fan of modern mythology, UFO’s, Ancient Aliens, Bigfoot and the like. I love history. I read some Gaiman and was heavily affected by Neverwhere, but I will always return to Doc Savage. As far as writing genre… I’m not sure that I’m cut out to write anything other than pulp adventure, but I certainly intend to try.

If you weren’t a writer, what could you picture yourself doing instead?

I will always be a husband and a dad first but in answer to the question I would say searching for something else to do.

Do you have any current projects that you want to share with readers?

Jesse James and the Ghost in the Bell Jar. Of course I have a hundred ideas, and every one of them wants out… and I am tossing around the idea giving life to a science fiction idea I’ve become infatuated with but Ghost in the Bell Jar is the only sure thing right now.

For those who may have questions or just want to follow your successes and progress, how can you be contacted?

Always happy to get emails: w.edwardwoodwardiii (at) gmail (dot) com. Twitter is also good. Look for @writefast

Do you have any final words for your dedicated fans and prospective readers? Anything I may have missed that you feel the reading world should know about W. Edward Woodward III, the author?

For readers, if you think this book was fun, just wait, things are going to get crazy. And then they’re going to get worse. For people in general: Do. Go forward. It’s my advice. Put your head down, to blazes with what other people say, and do what you will do. Oh, also, I intend to take over the world.


A grand “Thank You” to Edward for granting me this interview. You are such a sport with a welcoming sense of humor and an honest love for words. On behalf of my readers, I congratulate you on the release of Jesse James and the Dragon’s Egg, and much luck to you on Jesse James and the Ghost in the Bell Jar as well. I KNOW that they are both going to be huge successes.


Vacation Time

Since I mentally checked out last week, why not go all out and take a week and a half off from the j-o-b? I have absolutely no plans other than to spend the glorious holidays w/ my family. The kids are going to open their presents and torture Mommy and Daddy w/ their motor toys and racket from sun up to sun down…and I plan to enjoy every minute of it. 🙂

While enjoying the torture, I will be away from the blog for a couple of weeks. But I’ll have plenty to say upon my return, so you won’t be missing out. Take a break, enjoy your families, and stay warm in this COLD weather (unless you’re somewhere like southern TX or Hawaii…or in Australia where people go to the BEACH for Christmas :: gasps ::, in which case, I’ll be TOTALLY jealous and ask you to mail me a plane ticket as a gift). 😉

So, if I don’t “see” you all before next Tuesday…


…and until I return…

Happy Holidays