Brainstorming for “We’re Family…Right?”

The style for this novel is quite different, considering there’s an 8-year span from when I began writing my 1st novel and to now when I’m writing my 2nd. It consists of more adult situations and challenges, involves more than 2 pertinent characters, and doesn’t revolve around a romantic relationship. There’s always something negative to combat the positive, which is why my lead character, Sicily, struggles through most of the novel. It’s a story that tests a woman’s strength, where misfortunates ironically grant her the empowerment she seeks.

Now, the previous paragraph is where I WANT my saga to go. Does that always happen? Hell no! Nine times out of 10, I’m sure “Sicily” will lead me down a stubborn path w/ an unpredictable ending. I also find myself skipping around the chapters. This is possible b/c I’m focusing on more than just one character; I’m exploring each of their pasts to provide a better understanding of their relationships with Sicily. This allows me to take breaks when I grow tired of one character or segment of the story, which in turn grants me more freedom, creativity, and spark.

Right now, veering from Sicily’s personal battle, I am working on Sicily’s POV of her oldest brother—Jeremy—and their relationship. Jeremy (AKA Percy) wildly perceives [read: hallucinates] his life to be desired by many, with his endless supply of airhead and skilless women and his unstable job career(s). Despite their opposing lives and his constant emotional abuse of women, Percy and Sicily grew to be the closest of siblings in their family. Sicily has no clue (she may have a theory) as to why they’re the closest; even I, the writer, don’t have a clue. I plan on leaving that up to the readers to draw their own conclusions. That is very realistic of life. If we always had the answers, then that would make life easier, now, wouldn’t it?

Tomorrow, I plan on taking a break from “Percy” and either bouncing back to Sicily or developing my character “Brandon”, Sicily’s 2nd oldest brother…and he’s a pickle. Simply put, Brandon’s a proud wanderer and freeloader. He’s a 34-year old man who sleeps from house to house; spends his paycheck (when he does work) within one hour of cashing it on drugs, booze, and women; has been to jail over 10 times but doesn’t have a criminal record; has 3 kids and doesn’t take care even one of them; but has the heart of gold, is the life of ALL parties, and will give his last to his family. How does that happen? Hmph…not even I, the writer, knows. Remember, that’s life (and apparently, my family…sigh…lol).

So, we shall see how this book plays out. This one should be interesting.


Second Novel Underway

Normally, I don’t think of a title for my book, short story, etc. until I’m half the way through. At that point, my story is more developed, and I would have a better idea of the direction my characters are taking me. This time, I owe all credit to my bff of almost 19 years. When I shared with her the basis for my second book, she not only applauded the idea, but she even gave the novel a name, a name that not even I could oppose—We’re Family…Right?.

I used my own family for the foundation of the book, where no two family members are alike. Each person is as random as warped darts thrown at a bullseye; but one member in particular is deemed the rock and glue of the family. Always the rock but barely the glue, Sicily Carson depleted all she had—financially, emotionally, and mentally—trying to mend her family and their destructive ways. We’re Family…Right? takes its readers on a journey as Sicily’s life collapses only to rise again to redemption.