Ashlee Cowles, Follower of the Week


Ashlee is a talented writer of Young Adult and historical fiction with two completed novels to her name. Do take some time away from your day to check out her blog to see what she has to say about her works and her journeys through the fascinating history of Europe.

Thanks, Ashlee, for following, and good luck with landing new literary representation!




Shannon Thompson, Follower of the Week



Shannon is a 22-year old author, poet, and blogger. So, take some time out of your not-so-busy Friday (nobody really works on a Friday) and see what she has to say over on her blog, especially her guest blog posts written by talented authors.

Thanks, Shannon, for the follow!

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone, and stay out of trouble. I’ll be breaking out of this joint [work] in less than 3 hours!



Andrew Toy, Follower of the Week


Trust me. You have got to follow this guy’s blog. He is a published author and an editor, but the main focus of his blog isn’t even on the world of writing but on the process of adopting their (he and his wife) first child, whom they hope to name “James” one day. It’s filled with inspiration, optimism, and anticipation. I couldn’t be more grateful that Andrew and his wife decided to share a part of their lives with the world and remind us that we are all blessed in some way. 🙂 Thank you, Andrew and Sarabeth!



Leeia Henderson, Follower of the Week

(Sorry that I missed my posting yesterday. I was still getting over that asswipe of a migraine. But I’m happy to report…IT’S GONE!!)

Now that I’m in such a spirited mood (thanks, Bro Franklin!), let me introduce my second follower of the week, Leeia Henderson.

(Disclaimer: Names are chosen at complete random and depends on whether I was drinking the night before or not. ;-))



Thank you, Leeia, for your support…and congratulations!



Patrick Latter, Follower of the Week


First, let me welcome all of my new followers this week. Knowing that my written words are reaching throughout the country and across the globe not only makes my coffee a little sweeter in the mornings but it reminds me that someone enjoys reading my foolery just as much as I do.Smiley

And to honor one of those followers, let me introduce my first “Follower of the Week”…


Patrick is one talented and stunning photographer. I have a passion (more like obsession) with photography and its ability to capture beauty in a still of a moment to last a lifetime. If you haven’t yet, do check out his work at You know nothing until you can appreciate how photography captures an instant and conveys its emotions without a single word or sound attached. Now THAT is talent; that is art.

Thank you, Patrick, for following for the past year. I hope I never disappoint!