I Am My Worst Critic

And (write)fully so!

I decided to review We’re Family…Right? ten months after shelving it, thanks to that full request I received during my break. Dare I say…I was appalled…by the word structuring, word choices, hell…the writing as a whole.

I can’t believe that a year ago, I believed that I submitted “a work of art”.  Boy…reality can be so cruel.

Today, I learned the real meaning of “You’re not a true writer until you’ve written several books…that you’ve filed away to never see the light of a publishing house.” Ok, that may not have been the exact quote, but its many variations can be read across the web. And you know what? It’s true. “Why” you ask? Because simply put – the more you write, the more you learn, the more you grow and a better writer you become. That was one reason WFR wasn’t great (IMHO, of course), but it’s also because I realized that writing in a certain style doesn’t suit me. It was the second novel I’ve written in first person. :: face palm :: I thought it was the only style for me that allowed me to project more emotion into my writing. Oh, how wrong was I. Like Yesterday is in third person, and I can [prematurely] say that it was the best decision I’ve ever made. I am not only able to share the feelings of one character but several. It gives my MS an added dimension that my first two MSS lacked. I have more freedom with sentence structure as the narrator takes on a different persona than the characters without restriction.

So, what do I do w/ WFR? I’ve always had the intention of converting it into a family saga, but rewriting it? I don’t know if I even have the slightest of care. I do want to produce a family saga, but I’m not sure if that family is the way to go. We shall see. Like Yesterday is my #1 priority right now. Perhaps if this “work of art” (lol) lands me an agent and, subsequently, a publishing deal, then I’ll make that call.




5 thoughts on “I Am My Worst Critic

  1. I always hold onto my old projects to remind myself of where I came from but also how far I’ve come. I’m betting even published authors cringe at their first published book. But we should be glad we keep rising to new levels as writers.

    As for WFR, keep it on the shelf and its time will come, whether in the form of a new novel or a rewrite. These stories tend to get out one way or another. 🙂

    • Oh, definitely, Jae! Considering WFR is loosely based on my own family, it might be wise for me to put in in a time capsule and dig it up in 50 yrs…when most of my family are dead and can’t read it.lol

      I can’t believe that I almost have 3 MSS under my belt when it felt like it was only yesterday when I dreaded even starting #2. This is how I know that writing is what I’m supposed to do–when I can’t stop doing it.

      • That’s how I feel too Yvonne, and you’re in good company. 🙂 Always keep on writing, even if you have to shelf projects, they are always worth it.

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