Titillate Tuesday

This is going to be the last teaser from my current MS…just for a little while. I don’t want to give away too much but I still wanted you all to have enough to get a feel for the MS’s tone. Once I get near completion, I’ll have more to share. But until then…enjoy this semi-final piece and get ready for the new and old in weeks to come.

The aide watched Vincent research like a mad man; her eyes pierced through the book shelf, curious about his studies and weirdo-ism. Photos of lab equipment and infinite text appeared on pages as each leaf extended from the spine and smashed against the inner cover of the book by Vincent’s sweaty palm. His frustration grew with each reminder that his e-reader and pocket touchscreen notetaker weren’t yet invented. After spending six hours exploring each science book regarding the space-time continuum and quantum physics, Vincent surrendered to the demon of exhaustion. His wrists stiffened and his eyes could bear no more weight. He slammed the final book shut and collected his illegible notes written with a pencil and on a notepad left unclaimed on the table when he first arrived.

“Oh, I’ll put those books away for you,” said the aide, leaping from her post. “You look tired. Go home.”

Vincent could only nod at the generous young girl. Her slanted eyes melted with sorrow as she could not offer an obviously troubled Vincent the answers he sought. As he dragged away from the study table, the aide leaned over to gather the books for restocking when the last book collected seized her attention—How to Build a Time Machine by Paul Davies. The aide inspected her surroundings. Noticing Vincent stepping into the elevator and no one else nearby, she stuffed the book into the back of her pants and covered it with her oversized sweatshirt. She reshuffled the remaining books on the table into a single stack and hauled them away to their original homes on the shelves.




3 thoughts on “Titillate Tuesday

  1. Yes! Nothing makes me happier than to see someone steal a book (unleash the hounds, now?) Seriously, some indie authors will disown me for that, but I would be so flattered if someone stole my book…

    On another note, I like where this passage is going. How close are you to completion? Will you ever get one of those progress counters for your blog so we can see where your projects are?

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