Motherhood, Think Thursday

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Today, I spent the day with my daughter. As exhausting, arduous, and hair-pulling-from-the-root certain moments of today was for me, I would look down at her and remember how much I love what I do—being a mom. It’s the only job I’ve ever had where I didn’t mind being called to duty at 3am or working on 3 hours of sleep. It’s that job I work not to pay the bills but to make sure that one day she wouldn’t have bills of her own. But God knows, as much as I love her, there’s nothing like seeing 8:30 – 9:00pm show up on my clock so that I can put her wired ass to bed!

Hey…while I absolutely ADORE my job as a mom, I’ll be a hell-burning liar to say that I don’t get tired and need a break from the kids. With a 10-year old and a 2-year old in this house, I often wonder why I haven’t joined Barnum and Bailey yet. I could be a mean snake charmer or monkey spanker. Better yet, just give me a whip!

Now, let me take the remaining of my mommy time and hit this move before hitting the scolding shower…




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