Soca Time, Music Monday

Music Monday

Yeah, yeah, yeah…I know. I missed Music Monday.

Look, in my defense, I (well, the fam) have been making some major decisions, and it’s sucking up most of my time. IOW, I haven’t gotten any writing done in a week! That’s just unacceptable, like…it should be a crime and I need to serve time in literary prison where books don’t exist. I need to jump back onto the creative train because any more slacking means I’ll end up not writing one word in my MS for months…and we cannot have that, now, can we?

So, to set myself up for Titillate Tuesday, here’s a little Soca for ya (those who knew me well some moons ago KNOW how much I love Soca; sadly, here in NC, the exposure is quite slim).

(Google this band; the leader is quite cute. ;-))

BUT…on my way home, I found myself singing this in my head and wining in my driver’s seat…

Now…for Titillate Tuesday…




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