Titillate Tuesday



Are you ready for a bit more teasing?;) These portions are from “Like Yesterday”, my latest MS. Here, we have the good doctor and Mrs. Siler meeting each other for the first time.

The doctor waited in his chair for her to speak of her intentions. He watched as she took sluggish sips of her coffee, twirling her straight shoulder-length hair with a russet hue in between sips. He didn’t say a word; he merely admired her beauty hidden underneath frumpy threads. His eyes steadied at her quivering hands as she held her mug. On the backside of her left wrist, he detected an Aries zodiac tattoo, appearing faded as if she had it for years. Her brown skin further commanded his attention. Its texture mimicked bronze satin upon the body of a goddess illumined beneath a supermoon sky.

Noticing the doctor gawking at her, Mrs. Siler cleared her throat and said, “My apologies. I just didn’t get much sleep last night.”

And #2…

He stood hardened against the floor as he fixated on the woman who bolted from his presence. Her name was as vague as one floating around on a Sunday mailer, and her daughter bore no identity. The mysteriousness of her visit weighed on his mind but was conquered by the remnants of her scent. She smelled of wilted blossoms dipped in honeyed nectar—another thing he recognized but not from his darling Meredith.

Next week, I’ll type something brand new, just off the top of my big ass head. It may relate to “Like Yesterday” or…it may not. 😉 Stay tuned.




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