Think Thursday

Think Thursday_blog

(Ugh! I have no idea why this didn’t post yesterday. Sorry for the delay. I’ll have to blast WordPress later.)

Today, I thought about ways to improve my MS. When reviewing my synopsis (yes, I wrote a complete one before even finishing my MS; it serves in place of an outline with further direction), it seems to have enough elements and connections to satisfy a reader. But, of course, I must ask the question “Is it enough”. I find myself tweaking my synopsis as I write, enhancing the storyline, but there is always that nagging doubt. I found myself remembering the exact thing I told someone recently; “doubt” is what makes you a better writer as it drives you to rework, edit, and sharpen your MS, only making it better than before. IOW, doubt can be a good thing, as long as you don’t quit. 🙂

So yeah…those were my thoughts for today. Nothing profound or epiphanic. Then again, my thoughts today may make for an elevated MS tease next week. Guess you’ll just have to wait.



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