Wish Wednesday

Wish Wednesday_blog

I should’ve titled this day “Wake Me Up Wednesday”. Literally, you should’ve seen me in my office just an hour ago.

Don’t want me tired, then don’t work me so hard. Sound like an easy solution, right? But anyhoo…

Wishes…oh, that’s right.


But today, maybe I’ll keep it writing-related for right now and more realistic.

I wish – I wish I had the time to write, edit, and spit polish a manuscript in less than 6 months. When it’s taking me a year to write just one book and then adding more months of letting it “cure” for more edits later, I mean really?  I could be on book 3 by then with a landscaping business on the side.lol I am not a patient person, and I’m often tempted just to write BS so that I can finally say “I’m finished”. But what keeps me pushing through the frustration is knowing that giving up or flopping my MS will not represent my true ability as a writer. I would have then disappointed myself and risked countless rejections from agents, only to do what I should have done the first time—produce my best work. Unfortunately, my “best” is taking longer due to lack of time. If only I had time, anything is possible.

That’s my one wish for this week. Next week, I’ll probably wish for a pet gerbil that barks.




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