Titillate Tuesday


Yesterday, I wrote about my favorite scenes I write and the music that inspires me to write them. Well, today, I’m going to share a couple of snippets from those scenes.

When I said “love scenes”, some may think that I’m solely referring to sex. But “love scenes” are about chemistry and connection more so than the act itself. (The act itself, believe it or not, is a huge struggle for me to write. So, my writing style of those scenes have changed to reflect that struggle. ;)) The first snippet is more about lust while the second shows where lust is starting to become something more. (Disclaimer: These are WIP [works in progress] and may be edited beyond recognition by the time the MS [manuscript] is completed.) 

Although Vincent quieted his giggles, his grinning remained. Something about Carmen made him happy—just looking at her imperfectly perfect smile or smelling her heavily applied floral-scented perfume or mesmerized by the bang that swept over her left eye, adding to her mystery. He couldn’t keep his eyes off of her. No picture or chat message could explain her better than she could sitting in his presence, where her real laugh exploded beyond a typed “LOL” and her smile stretched wider than a cold colon and closed parenthesis. Her southern accent provided him with bouts of entertainment, particularly with her overuse of “y’all” and “fixin’”. But most of his attention drew towards her clothing, how her striped top clung to her full breasts but revealed no cleavage and how her loose-fitting shorts stopped inches above her knee, showcasing her sprinter legs. Her exposed toenails were freshly painted in taxi yellow. She offered just a hint to pique his sexual interest.

Vincent forced himself from his wandering thoughts. “So, tell me. Why are you single?”

And…No. 2

Carmen walked her overnight guest to the exit, her hands fidgeting as she adhered them to her bare belly. She paused short of opening the door with no words to follow and turned towards a man not her own, wanting to part with an improper goodbye. He took a speechless Carmen by both hands and reeled her in towards his breath. Her heartbeat galloped across her chest and down into the crease between her thighs. Their fingers gripped together with passion but their eyes refused to meet. Carmen’s chin remained leveled to his chest where her eyes found their home. Her lips parted and uttered a sound that resembled that of a “W” but with vibrations. But before she completed the word, Vincent’s lips planted a tender kiss upon her forehead. She released a breath of air trapped by her nerves and freed his hands in reluctance. Her desire for more settled into the pit of satisfaction as a grin appeared upon her face. Vincent leaned into her breasts, tilting his head towards her right ear and whispered “Good luck” before exiting into the risen sun.

As you’ve probably figured out from those sneak peeks, the two MCs (main characters) are Vincent and Carmen. You’ll learn more about them as I share more words, lines, and scenes (not too much; don’t want to give away the cow) as I get closer to finishing the MS. Hopefully, that day will get here soon enough.



2 thoughts on “Titillate Tuesday

  1. Omg how scandalous! XD I can’t wait to see what happens next. And I think I might fall in love with Carmen too. Any girl that wears taxi cab yellow on her toes is a keeper in my eyes.

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