GUEST POST: Wading the Water of the Publishing Industry by Courtney Giardina

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I’ve learned so much about the publishing industry over the last year and I’m happy I am able to share it with others looking to publish their works as well. Once my book was finished, my focus pulled me towards indie publishing (small press) because as a new author, I wanted to go with someone who would have the time and put in the effort to guide me in the right direction. When looking to submit your story, research publishing companies you are interested in and make sure they publish your genre. It’s very important to not waste yours or the publisher’s time by submitting a book in a category they don’t publish.

It’s also important when submitting to any publisher to carefully read their submission guidelines. They don’t have a lot of time and you don’t want them to overlook your submission because you submitted in the wrong format or didn’t include all of the information they asked for. I also feel that one of the main things publishers look for is an intriguing synopsis that leaves them wanting more. When writing a synopsis get straight to the point and include all of the important parts of the story that move it forward. Don’t bore the publisher with unnecessary information.

And one of the greatest pieces of advice I can give is before submitting to any publisher get an editor. And I mean a real, professional editor. I think that a lot of new authors shy away from paying for an editor because it can be costly, but I promise it will be worth every penny. Family and friends can only help with so much. A professional editor can help not only with grammar, but with content and the flow of the story which could make a big difference. I’ve always been very proud of Tear Stained Beaches, but after my first round of edits I was amazed at the guidance and suggestions my editor made. They made a world of difference and I feel that the story is ten times better because of it.

It takes time to find the right publisher, so don’t give up. Keep writing. Every time you put a pen to paper or your fingers to the keys, you are honing your craft so don’t get discouraged if your first piece of works is rejected by a publisher. Be consistent and persistent and always follow your dreams!


Courtney Giardina has always had a creative imagination and need for writing and entertainment in her life for as long as she could remember. She grew up dancing, cheerleading and playing piano before she turned to writing as an outlet for her life’s goals, ambitions and struggles.  She won awards for her writing as far back as elementary school and since then has written countless poems, songs and short stories.

Courtney was born and raised just outside of Rochester, NY. She relocated to Charlotte, NC in early 2012 and has since then been focusing on making all of her dreams a reality. Her New Year’s resolution for 2012 was to challenge her writing aspirations and complete her first novel. She spent many hours and long nights creating a vision for her story and after 9 months of overusing the delete button on her computer, Tear Stained Beaches came to life. Aside from finding inspiration for her next novel, Courtney is an actress who completed 3 short films in Charlotte, NC this past fall.. She has a passion for health and fitness and continues to work hard towards her goals on living a healthy lifestyle and educating others interested in doing the same.

Twitter: @sweetangeleyz


Thank you, Courtney, for stopping by Think Positive, Think Write while on your tour. Your insightful words and continued success has certainly given me (and I’m sure many others) inspiration to keep striving in this sometimes brutal yet very rewarding industry. Come back again soon!



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