Vacation Time

Since I mentally checked out last week, why not go all out and take a week and a half off from the j-o-b? I have absolutely no plans other than to spend the glorious holidays w/ my family. The kids are going to open their presents and torture Mommy and Daddy w/ their motor toys and racket from sun up to sun down…and I plan to enjoy every minute of it. 🙂

While enjoying the torture, I will be away from the blog for a couple of weeks. But I’ll have plenty to say upon my return, so you won’t be missing out. Take a break, enjoy your families, and stay warm in this COLD weather (unless you’re somewhere like southern TX or Hawaii…or in Australia where people go to the BEACH for Christmas :: gasps ::, in which case, I’ll be TOTALLY jealous and ask you to mail me a plane ticket as a gift). 😉

So, if I don’t “see” you all before next Tuesday…


…and until I return…

Happy Holidays



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