Looking for a Beta Reader…or a few

help wanted
That’s right! I’m looking for a beta or a few to give We’re Family…Right? their attention and offer feedback on the plot, characters, voice, flow, continuity, etc. For those who aren’t familiar with it or need a refresher, you can scroll through my categories in the right-hand column and select “We’re Family…Right?” to retrieve past posts about it. ORRRR…why don’t I just make it simple for you and provide the easy link for you here? I’m the one seeking help; you would think I would make the process as painless as possible.

Although there’s somewhat of a romance element in WFR, it’s certainly not centered around that relationship (her marriage), so there are no sex scenes. (Ahh…boo…whaa whaa whaa! Just shut it already.lol)  It has minimal profanity and an interracial component.

NOW…if I get a couple of betas who feel like WFR could use a sultry scene or 2 (or 4 or 5) to give it that commercial edge, then hey…I’m here to listen. Just don’t go turning my contemporary fiction into an erotica, mkay?

What I’m looking for: Not a critique partner [not yet anyway]. Someone(s) who is an avid book reader. (IOW, don’t request to be a beta just to get a sneak peak. MAJOR REJECT stamp all across your forehead for that!) A hard [yet respectable] ass! Someone(s) who is reliable. Don’t have me doing this…waiting for you to respond…


Yeah, WFR has been submitted to a few agents, but I know that now is better than never to give it a fresh pair of eyes. :: singing ::I’ve been looking for you

If you’re interested, you can leave a comment on this post, contact me via email, or hit me up on Twitter.

Thanks, ladies & gents!



4 thoughts on “Looking for a Beta Reader…or a few

  1. I’ll beta-read for you. My email address is Author.Yawatta.Hosby(AT)aol(DOT)com. My feedback would be strictly how I felt about your story through a reader’s eyes. I’d leave my writer side out of it.

    Keep smiling,

  2. My first novel has just been handed to a copy editor. Which means…I need a break from thinking about my own work. I would love to read your book!

    Now FYI: I have not done this before. As in being a ‘beta reader’. Although, I was asked to read and review a book already published on Amazon…which I did.

    Feel free to read my blog, if it will help you decide if my opinion would be of value to you. If not, no hard feelings!

    • Thanks, C.A.! I didn’t see an email for you on your blog (I probably missed it like the blind bat I am), so can you shoot me an email instead? Thanks, hun!

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