Author Interviews Underway

That’s right, ladies and gents! I’m resuming author interviews this month. YAY!! I initially intended to do one interview a month, but due to the amount of interest I have received, I’m going to start with two. I know that the authors will feel relieved since they now only have to wait 6 months instead of 12 to see their interviews posted. (Totally kidding!) In other words, they don’t have to wait twice as long now. 😉

There will be no rhyme or reason as to how I select who is going to be interviewed when. Who knows…I could choose Sue Blue because she likes the color green and only eats green things or Jacob the Great because he collects used stamps. (Those aren’t real authors btw, not that I know of.) I respect my fellow writers; therefore, they will all receive the same amount of consideration and time. The great news is…ALL will be interviewed (if they still desire to be when their time comes).

This isn’t a popularity contest. It’s about spotlighting new words, fresh talent, different faces, and unfamiliar voices. I want to know who they are; they want you to know who they are. They may have something to offer us that we don’t even know that we need or want.

:: claps and rubs palms together :: I can’t wait to learn about some new talent! How about you? Most, if not all, of them are probably doing NaNo right now, so I’ll try not to take up too much of their time.



2 thoughts on “Author Interviews Underway

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