Pink was…

…a pain in my ass, that is until I had a daughter, and everyone who dotes on her drowns her in pink. “That comes along w/ having a girl” is the line folks keep shoving into my ear. “I don’t give a $*@%!” is the line I shove down their throats. Okay, so I’m not that cold, but that should give you a taste of how much I hated the color pink.

But as I’m sure you’ve noticed, the blog has endured a slight face lift. Noticed anything? Yeah, well…it’s fair to say that I don’t hate the color that much anymore. It didn’t help that this was the only other theme that gave me the format and layout I wanted. Whoever knew that pink could be so hypnotically beautiful? (Okay, so everyone else except me? I get it.)

But over the past year, pink has become more than just a color to me. It’s a symbol, a representation, a status, a bond (think: breast cancer survivors), and…my daughter. I never realized how much seeing one color could make me smile and even make me cry.

After all of that, you still won’t see me ever wear that color, but I do recognize it’s power and significance. Hopefully, you’ll gain the same just by looking at my blog. 🙂  (Nope, I have no



3 thoughts on “Pink was…

    • LOL! I was even determined not to paint her room pink, but pink just so happened to be the color that was on the mistint rack. The colors just haunts you.

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