I’m a Mommy!

That’s right folks! It’s the most exhausting, trying, grueling, and diligent job ever known to man (or shall I say WO-man 🙂 ), but its rewards cannot be outweighed. Whether it’s at a 3am feeding or a 2pm diaper change, my disdain for the “job” immediately transitions into pure love and devotion to her, my daughter, Leah. I always knew that I would love her once she arrived, but let me tell you, I have never known a love like this before. I literally cry red tears at the thought of someone harming her. Her smile can melt the heart of a soulless man. Her laugh…oh her laugh…is hypnotizing; the sound of it erases my negative memories from the day and replaces them with memories of just her. What an indescribable joy she is!

Between my finding out that I was w/ child to my actually bringing her into this world, many of my works have been put on hold—not permanently, I assure you. Ironically, she’s now the reason that I’m jumping back forehead first into the game. My first course of action was to let my readers know that I’m alive, well, and ready. I do apologize for leaving you hanging for so long, but a year was nothing; it went by faster than you could have asked, “Where did she go?”.lol

The next thing I must do is finish off my book. It’s going in a different direction than I originally planned, but it’s still in a direction that I’m certain would please most [if not all]. I’m nearing the end, and I hope you all feel the anticipation that I feel; it’s invigorating!

So, stay locked, everyone. I’ll be spending the remainder of the year focusing on my works and completing my second novel. Beginning January 2012, I will resume my author interviews in hopes of opening my readers’ eyes and minds to new, fresh talent.

Oh yeah, before I seal this post, I am also changing my pen name to reflect the writer I am today and not who I was 10 years ago. Keep your eye out for that announcement, along w/ a new brand/logo and maybe a new color scheme for my blog. Love you guys!



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