August Author of the Month

I know…I know…you all have been impatiently waiting for me to post who I chose for my August Author, and much appreciation and gratitude to you all for not complaining [that I know of 🙂 ]. I needed to attend to some personal business, but I am finally back and ready to get this ball rolling again.

So, not to keep you all waiting any longer, my August Author of the Month is:


Sarah Butland, a 28-year old banker by day but writer around the clock, hails from Moncton, New Brunswick. After reading vast articles on how drastically childhood obesity and literacy rates in New Brunswick have dropped and not many articles on what the public is doing to solve these issues, Sarah decided to take matters into her own hands—hence the birth of “Sending You Sammy”, her first novel. “Sending You Sammy” encourages its readers to eat healthy foods and live active lives and is the first of many to come in Sarah’s acclaimed “Adventures of Sammy” book series. Sarah is currently working on her second novel in the “Adventures of Sammy” series.

I anticipate Sarah’s interview to be posted sometime this weekend. Keep on the look out!


One thought on “August Author of the Month

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