Life is Too Short

That’s what I keep reminding myself daily. When I get angry, when I’m frustrated, or when things simply don’t go my way, I count to 10 (not 3 or even 5; I need more time than that…lol) and say aloud, “Life is too short to dwell on things that do not matter and on things I cannot change.” If I can change it, then how is anger going to help? One must have a clear and focused mind to succeed.

Why be angry? It only causes pain, and most likely, that anger isn’t going to change the situation for the better. Why be sad? It only reiterates what caused the sadness in the first place, igniting pain and agony. Who wants to sustain that? We’re humans, so naturally, we’re programmed to feel and experience most emotions (unfortunately, some are just sociopaths), but it’s our choice to prolong those emotions, often times creating our own stress and hurt.

My mom once said to me several years ago, “Baby, you don’t ever get stressed. Nothing seems to bother you.” Oh, how SO untrue! Things do bother me, and I do get stressed; I just have a different way of keeping stress at bay than she does. With every stresser, I replace it w/ a positive element or goal. It diverts my mind to a state of tranquility, which is not only good for me but for those around me. Negative energy is contagious and transferable. By changing your attitude, you can help change the world.


2 thoughts on “Life is Too Short

  1. Angelique, I so agree with your post, but I have to tell you there are times in some lives when accomplishing this goal is hard to do. I lived my entire life believing that if I wasn’t happy for some reason, it was up to me to make the necessary changes so I could lead a happy and stress free life. And for 50 years, I accomplished that goal. Then a chain of events happened in my life, all at one time, and it became overwhelming for me. I still work hard every day to keep my spirits up and to make the changes I need to, but it’s not always as easy as saying “just do it”. So for those people who might be going through a seriously bad phase in their life, keep at it. It make time, but with work, we’ll get back to those happy days.

    • I can only imagine what you go through on a regular, Cheryl; so, certainly, saying “just do it” is easier said that done. It’s not easy nor are the results immediate, but making some effort as opposed to none is surely worth it. Like you said, if one keeps at it (although it can and will be hard at times), those “happy days” will resurface. 🙂

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