My OTHER Passion

Okay…not passion…but more like obsession—earrings!!

Usually, I like to reserve my posts for writing-related topics; but I feel the need to deviate…at least this once. Hey…at least I’m  I want to take a few moments to spotlight a new yet talented entrepreneur (who will eventually break my pockets…lol) who specializes in handmade jewelry and hair accessories.

Mrs. Blount, owner and creater of I.M.I., is a dear friend of mine, but that alone doesn’t award you a spot on my sacred blog. (Sorry friends, but you’re going to have to save your new carwashing invention and automatic butt-wiping business for the next desperate blog.) She deserves a spot here because her ambition is grand, her vision is lucent, and the girl is TALENTED! (See…talent is what gets you here.LOL) I only endorse when I have personally used the service or tested the product, regardless of the creator. Since I’m big enough to praise her on my blog, let me give you a peek at what the girl can do.

She made these for herself; but once I saw them, I HAD to have them! She whipped them up and shipped them in a matter of days! Just in case you haven’t noticed, these are crocheted earrings. VERY lightweight, which is a plus for me—someone w/ extremely sensitive ears.

For these, she took my taste/style/flavor and whipped these up for me, too. In other words, she likes to get to know her customers in order to create/design/make a product that would complement and please them.

After I received them (the entire product was literally a surprise 🙂 ), I immediately thought of a scarf that I had tucked away in my closet. It was one she had never seen me wear b4; she actually knows me better than I thought. I couldn’t wait to rock them together! They matched perfectly!!

All of her jewelry are personally handmade and can be made-to-order. So, take a few moments out of your day to check out her site. Who knows…you may find something for yourself, your mom’s birthday, or your wife/girlfriend/mistress (hehe). Oh, and she’ll soon be expanding into the children and men’s market. Stay on the lookout for that!


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