Angelique interviews C. J. Pumpkins, July Author of the Month

Many of you are probably wondering why I didn’t solicit authors to consider for my July Author of the Month. In case you missed this brief post, this month’s author was previously selected for June; however, I decided to postpone that interview until this month. But don’t you worry; there are many months left…and your time will come. Just wait and see. 🙂

Now…let us all put our virtual hands together and applaud this month’s author:


C. J. is an accomplished writer of children’s books—his first being the successful The Dream Stowaway, which tells the story of a young boy who races from house to house searching for children to take away to his magical world where they can play all night while parents think they are home neatly tucked in their beds. C. J. has over 15 years of experience with children—working with youth groups, after-school programs, and volunteer programs. He is also credited with teaching classes on film making with inner city students with Big Picture Alliance.

Here’s what C. J. shared with me about his work as an author and mentor to our youth.

So, C. J….where did you get the idea for The Dream Stowaway?

The idea for The Dream Stowaway was inspired by J.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan. I wanted to create a character that would have the same appeal to children as Peter Pan did during his time.

Tell us more about your two recently released novels—The Dream Stowaway and Michael’s Wonderful World.

The Dream Stowaway novel actually explains the history of The Dream Stowaway character and his journey to become the sandman. The originality of the book and the character, will be considered much different than most of the children’s literary works currently out right now. I’ve spent 23 years working on this book, and I am sure that readers will find the book most entertaining.

Michael’s Wonderful World is very special to me. Within this book, I wanted to relate to the children who are suffering from cancer. I wanted to give them a character in which they can immerse themselves into so that they too can enjoy the journey and adventures that this character has been chosen for.

I think that your work with at-risk youth is absolutely wonderful and commendable. Does it have an influence on your writing? If yes, how so?

Definitely, working with children who do not have the same privileges, has given me a voice, a voice to write with. Unlike most writers, I have been able to create material that directly speaks back to these children. Very few creators have been able to do that. For example, Jim Henson and Sesame Street. Most people don’t know this, but before Sesame Street was created, Jim Henson researched the urban streets of New York City. He studied these streets and the people that lived there. The different cultures, the atmosphere and created his television show so that the children of these streets would not only accept, but relate to what they were watching.”

Do you have any plans to venture into writing adult books?

I do not currently have any plans to write adult fiction. However, I have written a number of screen plays that are targeted towards an older audience.

You mentioned to me that you have done some acting. Do you still pursue it? If not, do you see yourself following that career path in the future?

At this time, I don’t see myself acting in the future. But I would definitely be interested in doing voice over work for some of the many characters that I have created.

For those who may have questions or just want to follow your successes and progress, how can you be contacted?

I can be contacted on my website. I will have updated events and blogs concerning all things C.J. Pumpkins. I am moving forward with several other projects which are sure to turn heads, and I am very much looking forward to making history. I would follow that!

Do you have any final words for your dedicated fans and prospective readers? Anything I may have missed that you feel the reading world should know about C. J. Pumpkins, the writer?

In this world and in our time, there have been several writers which have created fictional works with characters that are unforgettable. J.M. Barrie, C.L. Lewis, J.R. Tolkein, J.K. Rowling and now C.J. Pumpkins.


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