“Daddy’s Little Girl”—Short Story

My new short story, “Daddy’s Little Girl”, is now available and has been stamped Editor’s Pick at Black Short Stories. It is the story of a grieving wife who finds solace in her daughter’s eerie yet comforting conversation. Read a sneak peek below:

“Daddy, Mommy’s sad.”

“I know, my angel. Mommy’s a little mad at Daddy right now.”

“But why?”

“Because Daddy hasn’t always been a good man.”

“You’re good to me, Daddy.”

“Well, I try to be. But Mommy just wanted me to be a little better, that’s all.”

“Better how?”

“Well, she wanted me to be nicer to people, not hit on them all the time, and go to church more.”

“Is hitting on people and not going to church bad, Daddy?”

“Always, baby. I learned my lesson too late, baby girl, but your mom and I want you to learn it now, while you’re young because we love you. We and God want the best for you.”

“If I go to church more, be nice to people and not hit them, will that make Mommy not sad anymore?”

“Aw, my baby girl. Just keep doing your best and be strong for Mommy because she’s going to be sad for a little while longer. But don’t you worry; she’ll be happy again, and really soon.”

“But why can’t she be happy now?”

“Because her heart is broken, sweetheart. But you do know who has the power to fix a broken heart, don’t you?”


“That’s right. God.”

“So, she needs to talk to God and ask him to fix her heart?”

“That’s right, baby.”

“Ok. That’s what I’ll tell her then. ‘Mommy, you need to talk to God’.”

“It’ll sound good coming from you, baby girl. Mommy will like that.”

“Ok, Daddy. Gotta say my prayers now.”

Download the entire story and many more stories by talented writers at Black Short Stories.


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