Submissions for June’s First-Time Author of the Month

These months sure are flying by fast, aren’t they? It seems like it was just yesterday when I solicited first-time authors to interview for the month of May. Now, I’m opening my blog once again to showcase another first-time author; this time, it’s for the month of June!!

:: rolls out giant banner ::

Author interviews offer the benefit of gaining additional exposure—to allow your current and prospective readers to learn more about you as a writer and how you also connect with the world on a more personal level. It’s obvious that the #1 disadvantage first-time authors have is that they’re simply…new…and underexposed. Doing an interview (or many) is one way to get your foot into the door and to spread the word that you exist as a writer. Once folks get to know you, then they are more than likely to want to purchase your books and read what you have to say.

If interested, just send me a message [via FB, Twitter, email, my websites or blog], providing information about yourself, a brief synopsis of your book, and your website (if available). The deadline to submit your information to me is next Friday, May 21. Only one author will be selected for the month of June; however, those who are not selected will remain on my list for consideration of future months and need not resubmit their information.

Thanks again to those of you who have already submitted your info and thanks in advance to those who are considering the opportunity.


5 thoughts on “Submissions for June’s First-Time Author of the Month

  1. Richard and Sabine –

    I would love to consider both of your works. If you could forward me additional information (if there’s any), that would be great. Thank you for your submissions and congrats to you both on your accomplishments.

  2. I would love to be on your list to be interviewed. I am a first time author of The Big book of Grandprents’ Names. It is a book with ethnic, funky and fun names to replace grandma and grandpa. Since so many grandparents today are younger in body, mind and spirit it is nice to have some alternative cool names to choose from. I was a grandmother at 42 so my name is MIMI.
    My second book about to go into production in June is a children’s book and the 1st in a series. I am currently writing 2 other books and the 2nd children’s book of the series.
    I have multiple sclerosis and I hope to be an inspiration to other authors that yes you can write no matter what. It is a passion. If you decide to interview me I would be happy to talk about any of the above.. Grandparents Day is in September as well if you want to wait for that month .

    • Hi, Jean! I had taken a long, but much-needed, hiatus from blogging and even writing. However, I am back and will surely add your name to my pool of authors to choose for my next interview. Stay tuned! 8-D

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