May Author of the Month

Selecting an author was not an easy decision, as I have gotten to learn about many talented authors and their projects. It was a joy to read about each of your accomplishments, and those of you who submitted your info for the month of May WILL get your time to shine on my blog. However, for future months, I can’t make that promise for new submissions as I will probably get swamped with entries. Who knows, if I receive that many, then perhaps I may consider doing “Author of the Week” blog entries instead. Please remember, once you’ve submitted your information to me, you do not need to resubmit for future months, unless you have new information to share, such as a new book release, recent awards, interviews, new website, etc.

Now, without further ado…and after hours of research and days of reading, I finally selected my author of the month:


Cheryl devotes her time not only to her writing but to assisting her fellow authors via her blog, the “First Time Authors Only Book Club” Facebook Group, and her editing services, all the while battling an autoimmune disorder—one that released her true gift of writing. You can read more about Cheryl and her debut novel, “2Friends 4Ever: A Journey to Reunion”, at her website and blog.

On Saturday, May 1, check back in on my blog for my 1-on-1 interview with Cheryl and show your support with comments and/or questions. If we don’t support one another, then who will? Remember…it could be your time in June, and wouldn’t it be nice to receive that same tingling author love running through your gifted veins?:)

Stay tuned…


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