Not in the Writing Mood

No, not writer’s block or frozen brain; I just don’t feel like writing. I was in the middle of typing in my 2nd novel, and just BAM! I stopped! I didn’t lose my train of thought; I just didn’t want to type anymore. Do other writers get that way? I think I’m just exhausted. I have put my brain into massive overload these past couple of weeks, and now, I think it’s finally decided to shut down. Do you know how much energy it’s taking right now just to get me to type in this blog? BLAH! But I have to keep it going and alive. If my blog dies, then my book dies, and I refuse to have that.

Until later, my chaps!


3 thoughts on “Not in the Writing Mood

  1. ALL THE TIME… Sigh! Story line is there but for some reason it has now become work. I sit back and think about all the times I just wrote and truely enjoyed it and did it for no reason at all… Now its work and just like any other job… You just dont feel like doing it sometimes. Remember when writing was FUN and a way of expression you loved your characters and they came to life right before you eyes. Then and only THEN will your fingers go back to work.

  2. That’s exactly what it feels like, Dom—work. I’m going to give myself a few days off, recoup and refresh, hoping to bring back the fun in my writing. Just like I receive vacation days at my regular 9 to 5, I’m going to start granting myself vacation days w/ my writing. My mind demands it.

  3. I am in the exact same place … in the middle of novel too, stuck, and too busy to enter into that land of creativity as much as I want to …. I am gathering details in the back of my mind.

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