Steady at Work

I can’t seem to let one minute pass by w/o doing something related to my book. That could be a good thing, but I always end up neglecting something or someone. While at my 9 to 5, I work on marketing and my 2nd novel, neglecting my paycheck duties (and we can’t have that, not w/ a mortgage to pay). When I’m home, I’m back to marketing again, neglecting the stove and essentially my hubs and son’s tummies. Pple always say that a happy wife makes a happy home or if mama’s not happy, then nobody’s happy. Well my saying since I began my book journey: “If hubs doesn’t eat, all hell will break loose.” As long as he’s being fed, he shuts the hell up my book goals. Hey…fair enough for

Today, I decided to work on my personal website (apart from my book’s site) using Weebly. I like Weebly because (other than it being free) it gives varying template options, easy to use, and allows for your current site to be converted to its own domain (which I will be doing in the near future when they throw another coupon my way 🙂 ). It’s a work in progress, clearly, but it’s a start.


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