It’s Monday; What’s New?

Not a fracka-lackin’ thing…other than returning to my ghastly 9 to 5 after a week-long hiatus. I didn’t expect to really vacation during my break since I knew that I needed to focus more on my book. I accomplished a few things, but this marketing thing is for the birds! But ah…I refuse to give up. So, I took heed to the best advice, I believe, I have read yet:

—— The best way to promote your 1st novel is to write your 2nd. ——

Is that advisor a genius or what?! Readers like to know that a writer has been in this business for a while. Yeah, it’s nice to say that you’ve been writing since the day you upgraded to pull-ups; but really, readers (or people in general) like evidence. They need to see your ‘resumé’. This leads me to the next best advice I have ever read:

—— Keep writing! ——

Simple, right? This applies to all writers, but definitely to those whose books aren’t readily available in local book stores, where readers can just walk in and peruse the silk pages of your treasured novel. Unless your book has the Amazon “Look Inside” feature (which I’m still working on w/ those folks), a preview option, or a slew of excerpts on your website, readers aren’t likely (not saying that they won’t, but they are less likely) to purchase (unless they know you) b/c they don’t know what they’re getting. Readers need to be assured that the novel about how to milk cows or the most erotic places to have sex is actually written by someone who knows what they’re talking about and can deliver the message well. So, like me…I don’t care if you woke up this morning w/ nothing but your hemorrhoids on your mind, write about it! Let your readers see your style, your deliverance, your tone and mood. They need to know who you are as a writer AND a person b4 they agree to support you. Why would you want lesser of a reader?

I don’t know about you, but writing is therapeutic for me. If I write for no other reason at all, I will do it at least to free my mind of clutter. So, I will continue to write until my mind is no longer active. Yup, you are either going to be telling me to “shut it up” soon or will be inspired to write. Let’s hope it’s the latter, shall we?lol 🙂


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