Second Novel Underway

Normally, I don’t think of a title for my book, short story, etc. until I’m half the way through. At that point, my story is more developed, and I would have a better idea of the direction my characters are taking me. This time, I owe all credit to my bff of almost 19 years. When I shared with her the basis for my second book, she not only applauded the idea, but she even gave the novel a name, a name that not even I could oppose—We’re Family…Right?.

I used my own family for the foundation of the book, where no two family members are alike. Each person is as random as warped darts thrown at a bullseye; but one member in particular is deemed the rock and glue of the family. Always the rock but barely the glue, Sicily Carson depleted all she had—financially, emotionally, and mentally—trying to mend her family and their destructive ways. We’re Family…Right? takes its readers on a journey as Sicily’s life collapses only to rise again to redemption.


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