I was asked the question:

“What makes a person a good writer?”

My quick answer: “The ability to tell a good story.”

Many people love to write, but that doesn’t always make them a good writer. In addition to the usual proper grammar, impressive vocabulary, correct usage of punctuation, and the other bells and whistles that writers often believe are the only elements that their stories need to make them “good”, they sometimes forget to tell a good story. Anyone can form a complete sentence and use a thesaurus to enhance that sentence, but how many people can take that sentence and form a story, a story that will trap its readers into the bodies of the story’s characters? In nonfictions, how many writers can say that their readers actually learn from their teaching words and that their words improved the life of another? More goes into writing other than fancy words and the occasional periods and commas; it takes heart, passion, and vision.

A good writer is a good reader, and a good reader is a good listener. Listen to your audience, and your words will never fail.


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